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Miche x Massacan Track Wheelset

990,00 €

Top !

I am a renowned component brand with over a century of existence.

I have a track record as long as my arm and I am the sponsor of the Italian national track team at the Olympic Games.

I carry out almost all of my production in Italy.

I am a company on a human scale and close to its customers.

I have believed in Massacan since the beginning and I support them without fail.

I am ?

I am ?

I am ?

The rest, further down...

Fissa miche  massacan 1

Miche x Massacan

We have a fixed gear bike in the catalog, Fissa .

You yourself know.

We made this bike a little for you and a lot for us in fact.

The three of us have been driving fixed for a bunch of years and we can't live without it.

The fixed gear™ is our hobby.

But fixed gear is still niche. It's mega niche even.

Finding quality components is not always easy.

Between the hipster stuff from Instagram that costs a ton without us really knowing why and the questionable gear coming from the other side of the world, there is a fairly limited market for quality pieces at the right price.

(Yes after question for a champion, I had to).

This is where Miche enters.

I'm not going to give you an overview of the company, I've already done it here .

In two lines: Miche has been the velodrome experience for decades.

It is a production tool that is both proven and innovative and above all these are guys and girls that we know and appreciate.

So obviously, during the development of Fissa, when we decided to offer it with a choice of pad or disc braking, the question of finding quality wheels arose.

So we knocked on Miche’s door with the following question:

- “Say, we would like to offer carbon wheelsets for Fissa. Can you help us?”

The response was:

- “Certo amico mio!”

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Yes, these wonders have climbed Ventoux...

...Fingers in the nose

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