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Chrome Kadet shoulder bag

100,00 € 79,90 €

The Chrome Kadet shoulder bag is a compact 9L sling bag .

Super versatile , you can use it as a compact messenger bag , a bag to carry on the shoulder or a very fat fanny pack.

Moreover, regarding carrying, in addition to the padded and comfortable shoulder strap , you will find an additional strap which will provide a third attachment point . Ideal for riding without having the bag wandering around.

The Kadet has been available in the Chrome range for a number of years and is available in a whole bunch of cool colors and materials.

On the outside there are compression straps on all sides to minimize the external footprint of the bag when it is not completely filled.

At the back , there is a location for an U-lock. Very neat for carrying it without bringing dirt and grime to the inside of your bag.

Inside, it is vast and optimized for maximum carrying capacity.

To suit as many people as possible, you will also find the Kadet with different sizes :

  • The brand's most popular mid-size shoulder bag
  • Iconic buckle with bottle opener, yup !
  • Adjustable padded shoulder strap system with stabilizer
  • Capacity : 9 L
  • Dimensions : 42 x 20 x 9 cm
2023 kadet pdp capacitymodule

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