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Materials and collections

Chrome is a brand of bags and clothing originally intended for couriers , founded in 1995 in Boulder, Colorado.

Chrome products stand out from the competition by three characteristics :

  • Impeccable durability
  • Practical aspects designed for urban cyclists
  • A level of protection against rain compatible with daily use

Therefore, particular care is taken in the choice of materials.

Chrome materials:

All Chrome backpacks and bags are made from Ballistic Nylon or recycled polyesters .

Ballistic Nylon was developed by DuPont during World War II to make jackets capable of stopping bullets and other shrapnel, hence the name.

The Denier (D) is a unit of measurement for textiles. Basically, the larger the number, the thicker and more resistant the fabric, but the less flexible and light it is.

For the exterior of the bags, we will therefore favor very thick fabrics with a high denier value.

For interior coverings, we should rather choose light and thin textiles.

For several years, Chrome has also been striving to increase the share of recycled materials in its production. We now find quite a few polyesters from the reprocessing of plastic bottles .

Chrome uses the “X” fabric on some of its bags. Hang in there, it's a geek thing.

This textile is initially present on boat sails. It is a laminated fabric made up of 3 layers .

Two very thin layers of Nylon sandwich a layer of waterproof Cordura and the whole is reinforced against tears by a diamond-shaped Nylon frame.

It is lighter than 1050D Nylon while being stronger and intrinsically completely waterproof .

His fault? Well, it’s a tad more expensive.

Beyond a careful choice of materials, Chrome takes particular care in the manufacturing of its products. Consequently :

Chrome bags are guaranteed for life!

If you have the slightest problem, there is no problem: A quick tour here , a few photos of the problem and Chrome will take care of everything.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk a little about colors and collections, shall we?