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Chrome Mini Buckle Key Chain

30,00 € 24,90 €

The Chrome Mini Buckle Key Chain is a very handy little accessory .

Attach the fixed part to your backpack strap or the shoulder strap of your messenger bag and your keys to the removable part and you're done!

In terms of flow , we are still well above Didier, you know, the guy from the 5th who regularly comes to repair the secretary's photocopier, with his keys wildly stuck on a carabiner in the belt loop of his oversized pants.

For a limited time , the Chrome Mini Buckle Key Chain is also available in a very colorful limited edition " Gay's okay ".

In the end, Didier may be questioning his life choices...

  • The iconic seat belt buckle in a reduced size
  • Keeps keys handy
  • The strap is made of 1050D nylon
Minibucklekeychain 3200x1600

Ah well, it goes over the trouser loops, Didier is relieved !

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