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Chrome Cycling Gloves 2.0

35,00 € 27,90 €

Do you have two hands with 5 fingers at the end of each (10 in all) ?

Do you have a great bike like, let's say a Massacan Paula or a Massacan Fissa ?

Are you sensitive to cold*?

Then, the Chrome Cycling Gloves 2.0 are made for you!

They're lightweight , breathable , padded where needed, and touchscreen compatible .



* If you really hate the cold, Chrome has thought of you with warmer gloves : The Chrome Midweight Cycling Gloves .

Size | Middle finger length | palm width
S | 7.7cm | 20cm
M | 8.0cm | 20.5cm
L | 8.3cm | 21cm
XL | 8.6cm | 21.5cm

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