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Chrome Merino Crew Socks

20,00 € 15,90 €

The Chrome Merino Crew Socks are very cool.

First, as their name suggests, they are made of merino wool . As a result , your feet sweat less and no longer smell of Banon that you would have forgotten in the sun.

They are available in two sizes S/M and L/X . Basically from 37 to 43 for the first and 43 and more for the second.

A Black / Reflective version is equipped with a reflective surface to literally and figuratively catch fire once night falls.

The Chrome Merino Sock socks are ideal with slides of course or with Chrome shoes , some such as the Kursk AW Pro or the Southside 3.0 Pro , which can be equipped with SPD cleats

  • Very comfortable
  • Composition: 56% merino wool, 36% nylon, 5% polyester and 3% lycra
  • Seamless construction
  • Will help you stop stinking your feet
Merinocrewsock 3200x1600

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