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Izumi 410 Series fixie chain

21,90 € 19,90 €

he Izumi Series 410 chain for fixie/singlespeed bikes is the emblematic model of the prestigious Japanese brand .

Very well placed in terms of price, it will go perfectly with your fixie bike , Fissa for example if you have good taste.

The Izumi 410 chain is available in 6 colors and finishes .

The standard versions are particularly affordable and offer classic all-black, gold and silver colorways.

In the Jet Black versions , the exterior plates are coated with a specific black treatment and combined with interior plates in black, gold or silver with contrasting axes.

The different versions of the Izumi Series 410 chain:

  • 410 Standard / Black – Simple, basic. full black, no kidding here
  • 410GP – Standard / Gold Full gold, style before girls
  • 410NP – Standard / Silver – Full silver. FYI, it is this version that offers the best resistance to corrosion.
  • 410JB-JB – Jet Black / Black All black but gold colored axles
  • 410JB-G –Jet Black / Gold Black on gold with gold axles
  • 410JB-S – Jet Black / Silver Black on silver with silver axles

The Izumi 410 Series track bike chains have 116 links , are offered in 1/2" x 1/8" and weigh on average around 410 grams .

If you have fire thighs and/or want to impress your imaginary Instagram girlfriend with some NJS gear, check out the Izumi Super Toughness chain . It is the best !

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