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Pit Viper and counterfeiting

Wouldn't you want to fly in a plane made from parts bought on Aliexpress?
You wouldn't want the diploma of the surgeon who will operate on you to be fake?
Wouldn't you like your Paula 's braking system to come from Wish?


Well for glasses, it's the same.

Pit Viper does not have massive sales and does not sell on Amazon or on sleazy sites.

All the Pit Viper glasses at -50% or more that you can find on the internet are fake.

Counterfeiting sucks, it stinks, it reduces the size of your penis and it kills baby seals.

Let me explain.

It is often said that “ Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery .”

Forget that.

The Pit Viper story began with a small, close-knit team of ski enthusiasts who worked hard to offer high quality sunglasses to protect your beautiful eyes and allow you to go fishing at the chalet in the evening between raclette and genepi.

You're not dumb, you know how to use Google and times are tough.

It is then legitimate to think that you are being fooled when you see that on Amazon or on Aliexpress you find “ Pit Viper glasses ” for a fraction of their price on Massacan .

After all, both the real ones and the fake ones are made in China, eh!

Why deprive yourself?

First, the materials used are not the same: The plastic of the fakes is much more brittle.

The lenses do not benefit from the same extensive tests as real ones and in fact, their resistance to impacts as well as their level of UV protection cannot be established.

In terms of adjustments, the same, the fake ones look really cheap. That's the problem with child labor. They fail a little in terms of finishing and assembly.

And then behind all that there are jobs. Billy Bob for design, Butch for aptitude tests, Kimberley for communications, Samantha for accounting etc.

There is also Brandon and the impeccable customer service in the event of a problem.

All of this has a cost and it’s precisely all of this that indirectly makes you want to grab a pair.

In short, you understand, buying fake Pit Vipers is seriously lame and it's not cool.

Pit Viper is a cool brand. Be like Pit Viper, be cool!

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