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We love making bikes as much as riding them

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Paula for geeks

If you come to this page it means you are a big geek and believe me, at Massacan we share the same passion 🫶.

Another thing we like is to express ourselves, debate and share.

I will try to present to you some elements which dictated certain technical choices applied to Paula.

Now I must warn you.

You know as well as we do, in the world of cycling there are dogmas and preconceived ideas, justified or not.

For example, on the road, the subject of tire width and pressure has changed quite a bit over the last 30 years.

All this to say that what is valid today may not have been valid yesterday and probably will not be valid tomorrow.

Cycling also involves a certain amount of subjectivity and affect. Nothing worse than a stranger coming to tell you that what you think and feel on your bike is wrong.

So take what follows as a reflection of our thinking. Nothing more, nothing less.

Now that I've put on the gloves, sterilized the room well and carefully disinfected the wound, it's time to pour a big splash of acid on it!


Debating like geeks is great!

Testing a bike and forming your opinion is better!