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The Montages of Fissa

Because being well put together is important

Fissa is our ultimate Fixie bike!

This bike is so cool: Hyper versatile, it's as comfortable for chilling quietly in the city as it is for riding hard and far.

I suspect that you are an enlightened connoisseur of the world of fixed gears and that you already have in mind the peripherals that you are going to install on your Fissa.

In the event that, on the contrary, you would like a complete turnkey assembly, we have decided to offer you two configurations for Fissa based on elements carefully selected from the catalogs of our partners.

You will find a first "economic" configuration where we have tried to find you the best parts for the most reasonable budget possible.

You will find a transmission and aluminum rims from Miche.

For the second config, we didn't pretend. We've brought together the best of the best to offer you the edgiest bike there is! Among other things, you can count on an exclusive Miche carbon wheelset.

Finally, if the Fissa of your dreams is a mix of the two, or if you only need a partially assembled bike, it is obviously possible. Contact us !

SRAM configurations

Campagnolo configurations:

Some details on the options:

The groups

It will not have escaped your attention that we do not offer Shimano groupsets on our selected configurations.

All three have a different sensitivity with Shimano. Personally, I like it a lot, especially for the road, my friends a little less.

What is certain anyway is that we are a small brand and we do not represent much to them.

As a result our commercial conditions are really not fantastic with prices sometimes higher than those you could find at some discounters across the Rhine.

So yes we can offer you Paula in Shimano, even in double chainring (but you will make Matthieu scream) but it will be 100% on a case by case basis where we will try together to find the best deal for your group.

For the transmission options at SRAM, you can stay with a "classic" Gravel groupset or opt for a so-called "mullet" groupset.

It is in fact a MTB rear derailleur and a cassette of the same type in place of the original components.

The point is to gain around ten teeth at the back to make your life easier when it climbs hard and for a long time. This can completely change the way you go out!

And precisely with these mountain bike derailleurs SRAM offers the possibility of classic attachment to the frame via a derailleur hanger (Eagle Drivetrain option) or directly to the frame without going through a hanger.

This new feature has existed in mountain biking for a while and offers two significant advantages: Due to the extreme rigidity of the assembly, the gears shift even faster and more precisely and in the event of a fall, there are no more twisted or broken derailleur hangers. The SRAM Full Mount is tough!

Afterwards, if you want to play the 100% Italian game and sing Claude Barzotti in the shower, Campagnolo makes two great mechanical groups. The original Ekar with its super classy carbon crankset and the more recent Ekar GT, equipped with an aluminum crankset and capable of handling a 10-48T cassette without flinching.

Speaking of groups elsewhere, I made a little page about the single vs double chainring debate . Choose your camp comrade !

The wheels

We love Miche. The range is relevant, most of it is produced in Italy, the prices are reasonable and the guys are cool. What more ?

Well if you have affinities with other brands, we can install the wheels of your choice. You can have Zipp and Mavic wheels in particular, without difficulty.

Regarding Miche you will find an article here which will explain the differences and the strong points of each model.

We said to ourselves that it was relevant that the more you move up in terms of groups, the more the wheels should follow the movement. Now, if you want to ride a Rival AXS or Force AXS and you prefer to settle for entry-level wheels, it is obviously possible. I did not include it in the list of options so as not to add to the already extensive list.


For the entry level we like Ritchey. It is a serious, recognized brand, with a glorious past and which offers products with unbeatable value for money.

Ritchey offers semi-integrated cockpits. Basically, the sheaths and hoses are hidden for most of their route and are cleverly stashed under the stem before entering the frame at the head tube.

It's almost as discreet as full integrated but almost as easy to install as an external cockpit. It's a bit of the best of both worlds actually.

Now if you want something more exotic, we can offer you Deda cockpits.

Made up of a Superbox DCR aluminum stem and Gera or Superzero aluminum handlebars, they allow the hoses to be completely hidden so as not to have a single visible cable.

It's clean, it's pretty and it's very well put together: Matthieu is far from tearing his hair out on each edit. The photos presented on this product sheet show that there is a package left.

I wrote you a little article that compares the different types of cockpits if you are undecided.

If you wish, instead of the Deda Gera or Superbox Alu handlebars, you can opt for their carbon versions.

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Okay, do you have all the information?

We are nice, I assure you!