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Guide Miss Grape Bikepacking

Chez Massacan, c'est bien connu, on fait du vélo et on fait des vélo.

Pour nous accompagner dans nos aventures du quotidien (déposer des colis à la Poste puis filer au café avec Fissa) ou les explorations plus lointaines avec Paula, on aime compter sur les sacoches Miss Grape.

Pour ce guide, qui, je l'espère, répondra à toutes tes interrogations, les sacoches sont montées sur mon Paula bleu en taille M.

Tu trouveras aussi des photos des sacoches en situation avec le Paula blanc de Lucie (Taille S) et le Paula rose de Matthieu (Taille L).

Voilà pour l'intro, place à la présentation de la gamme Miss Grape Bikepacking !

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Frame bags

Internode 2 and Internode 3

For these two models, you will find room for a windbreaker, some tools, inner tubes, a wallet and even gloves and a neck warmer depending on the season.

They are completely waterproof and perfect for small frames to keep maximum space for bottles.

To differentiate them, it's easy: the 2 and 3 have respectively two and three straps to fix them under the top tube.

Ah, they offer a capacity of 2 or 3 liters incidentally!

For those who aim for ultra light adventures and who know how to satisfy themselves with what is necessary (© Baloo), the two small Internode are ideal in combination with the Node Road top tube bags or the Node Adventure .

Internode 4, Internode 5 and Internode 6

There we clearly increase the carrying capacity and these bags now join the seat tube.

We therefore find very large frame bags, waterproof and with a very solid zipper.

In terms of sizes, the Internode 4 is primarily intended for Paula in XS, the Internode 5 for Paula in S or M and the Internode 6 for Paula in size L or XL .

It's simple, it's the best frame bag we've ever tested.

For 5 days of bikepacking Lucie usually slips in a bunch of stuff including a windbreaker, sometimes a rain jacket, all the batteries and cables for her electronic gadgets including very often a camera.

She also puts a small wallet, a knife and cutlery in there to have a snack.

The snacks are sometimes in there too or can migrate to the floor above in a top tube bag.

Internode 5 Internode 5

Internode 5

Here on Paula in size M.

Above there is a Big Node top tube bag .

And still above, Thomas who drops Lucie, laughs and does not yet know that he is going to fall miserably in the left hairpin which comes 10 meters further.

Internode 4 Internode 4

Internode 4

Installed on the Paula XS of the nabot (kiss Baptiste) with very nice Flat Bar assembly!

Inside Internode 6 Inside Internode 6

Inside Internode 6

Matthieu takes a bunch of stuff.

There is in bulk a Chrome Tech Accessory Pouch , a mini floor pump , candy, a windbreaker, two derailleur hangers (and yes the bikes are tested to their limit).

There is also a toothbrush, a poop scoop and Smecta.

You will do what you want with this information.


Top tube bags

Node Road, Node Adventure and Big Node

Three bags that are very different from each other.

Before discussing what differentiates them, let's talk about the common points.

All three are available with an exclusively Velcro attachment or on the top tube screws for bikes that are equipped with them.

The surface in contact with the top tube is designed to protect the paint of the latter.

All three are said to be weather resistant .

This means that the contents will stay dry during a downpour but in the event of very heavy rain, it is recommended to move sensitive objects in a completely waterproof bag such as an Internode seen above.

The Big Node is a bit like a Node Road that has gained in length.

The Node Adventure is a Node Road that would have gained in height. Practical for housing a large smartphone for example.

Note: The coating under the Node Adventure is even more grippy than that of its sisters. Also, the two small mesh pockets are still very practical!

Here are the 3 bags installed on Paula in size M:

Big Node Big Node

Big Node

Matthieu is proud to show us Paula Ultimate Build with its big cassette combined with a direct mount derailleur and everything.

But it's not just that.

The Big Node top tube bag sits proudly above an Internode 6 frame bag which fits perfectly with Paula in L or XL.

Inside the Big Node Inside the Big Node

Inside the Big Node

We can put lots of stuff.

Inside the Node Road Inside the Node Road

Inside the Node Road

We can put things but less.

Normal at the same time, it is smaller.

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Saddle bags

Cluster 7, Cluster 13 and Cluster 20

The number corresponds to the internal capacity. To see according to your needs.

Beyond that, the three bags are completely waterproof and the emphasis has been placed on foolproof robustness.

These bags are very stable and you don't feel them when riding.

Closing is done by rolling.

Great bags once again. Good like the whole Miss Grape range in fact.

Cluster 13 Cluster 13

Cluster 13

No kidding, we carry a lot of stuff with this saddle bag.

On Matthieu's Paula, you will also find an Internode 6 and a Node Road .

Please note, mud is not included with the bag.

Cluster 13 Cluster 13

Cluster 13

Lucie doesn't pretend and climbs without suffering a slope of almost 20%*, absolutely not bothered by her Cluster 13.

Note the good big braquasse!

On her Paula prototype, you will find a classic Node Road on the top-tube and an Internode 4 just below.

Matthieu doesn't like it, " because it doesn't go all the way to the end ."

The thing is that Lucie, she knew you weren't even born, so if it's okay for Lucie, it'll be okay for you too, don't worry!

Cluster 13 Cluster 13

Cluster 13

*Yeah well, ok I may have cropped the previous photo a little.

Well at the same time if you believe what you read on the Internet too…

Come on, in the following image, I show you everything you can fit there.

Inside Cluster 13 Inside Cluster 13

Inside Cluster 13

There's some stuff. Clothes, socks etc.

Note that like any good Instagram bikepacker, your code of conduct requires you to make your coffee in the pampas and to document the process.

The Bialetti fits perfectly.

Tap shoes, on the other hand, will have to travel outside.

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Handlebar bags

Moon, Tendril 4.10 and Tendril 10.7

These are very simple handlebar bags with strap attachment.

They are very easy to install and remove and super practical for bikepacking outings.

The Moon offers a reduced volume of 2 liters while the Tendril has a larger capacity.

The Tendril 4.10 can see its internal volume increase from 4 to 10 liters.

The Tendril 10.7 can hold 10 to 17 liters.

Moon Moon


The Moon sits on the hanger of Lucie's Paula .

You find just behind a Node Road on the top tube and an Internode 2 below.

Tendrill 4.10 Tendrill 4.10

Tendrill 4.10

The Tendril 4.10 is attached under the handlebars of Matthieu's Paula .

You find just behind a Node Road on the top tube and an Internode 6 below.

The Trunk and the Ilcoso

The Miss Grape Ilcoso support is a truly innovative product.

This modular frame is designed to be mounted on all handlebars on the market.

This base then allows you to install the waterproof bag of your choice.

The advantages of using an Ilcoso are numerous: The bag is shifted forward so as not to interfere with other equipment, especially your GPS.

The stability is also absolutely unrivaled.

In short, you will have understood, the Ilcoso is aimed at those who want to go far away whatever the weather and make life easier.

To accompany the Ilcoso, Miss Grape recommends the use of the Trunk 8 and Trunk 16 waterproof bags of... 8 and 16 liters as you might expect.

Ilcoso + Trunk 16 Ilcoso + Trunk 16

Ilcoso + Trunk 16

In this aircraft carrier configuration, you will find a Trunk 16 bag associated with the Ilcoso support.

You will note that Matthieu installed the accessory bar provided with the Ilcoso in order to install his front lighting.

Beyond that, you're starting to get used to it, we find the Internode 6 , a Cluster 13 saddle bag , a Node Road top tube bag and a pair of Trunk 6 waterproof fork bags .