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Paula geometry

Ah the geometry of a Gravel bike…

Broad topic.

As seen here , we do not claim to offer the best geometry on the market but rather a geometry that suits our practice and makes us happy !

The prerequisites were:

  1. A nervous bike with an incisive front end
  2. Stability in the descending and technical
  3. Rigidity certainly, but comfort on long journeys

To do this, I will present you with some examples of market geometry and then show you where Paula stands.

Systematically I will compare the geometries in size M / 54 and with 700x45c tires.

I use Bike Insights . It's a tool that can be improved, but for the explanations that follow, it does the job!


Comparison of two aluminum models

Paula is made of aluminum, if we compare the geometry of comparable bikes, we realize that they share quite a few common characteristics.

Consider the Cannondale Topstone and the Canyon Grizl:


The wheelbases are identical and the angles very close.
The main difference is in the steering with a slightly more closed caster angle on the Grizl. This comes at the cost of an extended reach.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of this solution. This makes more tube, therefore more weight and I prefer to correct a lack of reach with a slightly longer stem. But hey, we're nitpicking.

These two bikes represent, in my opinion, a vast majority of aluminum gravel bikes on the market.


Comparison of two carbon models

Likewise, I took two bikes that seem representative of the segment to me: The Open UP and the Cervelo Aspero:

Again, not a whole lot of difference here !

Note, however, that the upper part of the Aspero, without pouring into the CLM, is slightly translated forward.

Other than that the angles are very similar.

Now let's look at an aluminum and a carbon together.


Comparison of aluminum and carbon

Ah well finally big differences.

As always the reference is on the bottom bracket. It is very clear that the wheelbase of the aluminum is much greater.

The steering angles remain comparable, however.

So what about Paula in all this?


Comparison of Paula and a carbon

So, no we didn't pump Open for the front triangle. Besides, for the record, it was more my BMC Teammachine SLR01 that we took inspiration from.

And we put a top tube with a more pronounced sloping in order to have a natural and comfortable position without having to stack the headset spacers.

But hey, the result is here:

Paula has a front triangle very close to that of the carbon Gravel "Race" on the market.

This allows us to meet the first prerequisite: The front is dynamic, the bike is fun and you don't have the "chopper" effect that some cushy bikepacking-oriented bikes can have.

Those who follow at the back of the room will then say to me:

Question :

    But with a slightly aggressive geometry of the front triangle, there’s no risk of toe overlap?

    Answer :

      Paula's geometry, like the choice of the material which constitutes the frame or the color of the paint which covers it, stems from bias.

      To get the front-end feel we were expecting, there was no other choice than to opt for a geometry that exposed the tootsies a little.

      Unless your name is Valentine, yes, with the right foot at 3 o'clock or the left at 9 o'clock, it will hit.

      Is it serious ?

      We think not. We get used to it very quickly. This did not prevent us from covering several thousand kilometers on all terrains on Paula's handlebars.

      And, frankly, we said to ourselves that if it worked for Cervelo and Open clients, it could also work for Massacan.

      Well and at the back Paula is also a copy and paste of Gravel “Race” carbon?


      Comparison of Paula and an aluminum

      I think you see where I'm going with this.

      For the rear triangle we opted for something a little elongated like most aluminum Gravels on the market.

      This provides stability and comfort.

      Conclusion :

      Paula's geometry is a bit the antithesis of the Mullet cut.

      Here it's party in the front, business in the back .

      You win on all fronts without having to make any particular concessions.

      Frankly, we are super satisfied with Paula's geometry, as you can imagine.

      Moreover, there have been quite a few changes between the first prototypes and the model we are marketing, but the geometry, for now, remains strictly unchanged from the start!


      Geometrie paula