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Miche Gravel wheels Line-up

We, at Massacan absolutely love Miche components and wheels !

Why ?

Because Miche has been producing quality components and wheels for many years.

Of course, they have neither the marketing budget nor the visibility of the big players in the sector and they do not sponsor World Tour teams either.

Where it counts though is in the know-how department. And here, Miche excels, with more than 100 years of experience.

At Miche, every effort is done to keep the production in Italy for the vast majority of products.

Speaking of production tools, Miche is not kidding. The San Vendemiano factory is equipped with the latest generation of CNC milling machines and lathes for impeccable manufacturing quality.

Miche has recently offered a very complete and well thought-out range of Gravel wheels.

There are four models which differ according to their technical characteristics. I have made a little summary table (in French, sorry folks !) for you to help you find your way at a glance:

Miche lineup
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Paula with Miche Graff XL wheels

So there is an option for all tastes and budgets.

The common qualities of these wheels are, in addition to their place of manufacture and their quality:

  • The reliability of their hubs
  • Tubeless assembly without difficulty
  • A really good price

Our favorite pair for a high-end build is the Graff Route . It combines the ability to mount very large tires while offering weight and rigidity that only carbon can offer. Well, as its name does not indicate, it is really not particularly designed for the road.

The Carbo Graff is actually even more high-end with a really light weight and an asymmetrical aero profile. Due to its internal width, it is predestined for a slightly narrower pneumatic mount and therefore a slightly smoother terrain of use. It is the ideal wheel if you want to build an all-rounder that is comfortable and fast everywhere.

The Graff XL is the choice of reason to obtain the best price / technical compromise: We find all the qualities of the Carbo Graff (high-end hub, straight pull flat spokes etc.) but this time on a robust aluminum rim which also accepts tires up to 50 mm.

Finally, last on the list, the Contact GR could at first glance seem like a bargain pair. This is not the case. If for you a Gravel bike is above all a robust frame that must be able to take you everywhere and the notions of "rigidity" and "performance" make you nauseous then it's a great choice . The Contact GR have the same high quality bearings as the other models and, with its classic J-bend spokes, any rider will be able to help you out in the event of breakage. In fact, the Contact GR is a great pair for riding everywhere without selling a kidney !

The Miche workshop in 1919 The Miche workshop in 1919

The Miche workshop in 1919

It still looks a bit like Ms. Scotto's Techno class at the Jean Moulin college in Croissy-sur-Seine.

The Miche factory in 1970 The Miche factory in 1970

The Miche factory in 1970

Now, we're not laughing anymore and we're bringing out the big tools!

The Miche factory today The Miche factory today

The Miche factory today

Still established in the heart of Veneto, the family business is ready for the next 100 years.


Finding out about wheels is great!

Testing them outside is better!