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Chrome Merino Gaiter Neck Warmer

35,00 € 27,90 €

When it's winter, when it's cold (cold, cold) Only one thing to do, boy, listen to this

Represents mountain hardcore live from Savoie Savoie or else (no, that's not okay) Man it's the north pole, we're freezing our bells Damn, it's colder than in your fridge (brr) A direct foot outside means pharyngitis Snot in the nose, germs running around So listen before it's too late Before you're all hard like a frozen Picard (poh, poh) We didn't come to play daddy hens But some advice, my guy, put on your hood 

Take off your hood, take off your hood Or you'll be cold, you'll have glands, you'll have balls (you'll have balls)

"What the f*** did I just read" you may be asking yourself ?
Well it's a poor translation of a french crappy song by Fatal Bazooka that I love.
If you're not french you won't get it. Sorry.
That said, the Chrome Merino Gaiter neck warmer is very soft, very warm and will allow you to have a very pleasant winter .
The big strong point of merino wool is its natural antimicrobial properties.
This way, your neck warmer won't smell like an old sock!
Well, I say that, but with the Chrome Merino Crew socks , also in merino wool, even your tootsies will smell good.
Not bad, huh?
  • Breathable neck warmer that will protect you from the cold and humidity
  • Naturally antimicrobial
  • Able to regulate temperature and perspiration
    Super soft
  • Composition : 65% polyester, 35% merino wool
Merinogaiter 3200x1600

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