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Old Man Mountain Pizza Rack

159,90 €

The Old Man Mountain Pizza Rack is perfect for easily transporting large and bulky loads . Whether going to work or bikepacking , it keeps your equipment close at hand. Ideal for a basket, a bag or a small dachshund in a crate.

With a super sturdy version of the Elkhorn uprights and a 10" x 12.9" platform, the Pizza Rack can transport up to 15 kg of gear .

The sturdy platform offers more attachment points than you'll ever need, keeps your stuff away from your tire and doubles as a mudguard!

The Pizza Rack comes with everything you need to mount it on the eyelets on the front of your bike.

No eyelets? Old Man Mountain luggage racks are ultra versatile .

Fit-Kits can mount on suspension forks, full suspension mountain bikes, gravel bikes, road bikes and even triathlon bikes if that's your thing.

Tested and approved in the most extreme places on the planet , Old Man Mountain racks have helped cyclists cross Iceland in freezing winters, transported the equipment of many GDMBR cyclists, and toured the world.

The only question left is where are you going to take him?

Do you want to use this luggage rack on a bike not made for it?

Do you want to move it from one bike to another ?

All you need is a Fit Kit .

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