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Old Man Mountain Divide luggage rack

159,90 €

Old Man Mountain luggage racks are the most versatile on the market .

They are designed for all styles of bikes .

So obviously, they fit perfectly on Paula , on other gravel bikes, full suspension mountain bikes, road bikes, fat bikes, and even triathlon bikes if you're a bit frosty.

These babies have been tested in the craziest corners of the planet (Old Man Mountain is still trying to convince NASA to send them to the moon).

They've survived freezing winters in Iceland, lugged gear for loads of cyclists on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, and circumnavigated the globe.

The question is: Where are you going to take him ?

Do you have a bike that is not designed for luggage racks? No worries, a little fit-kit and it's done.

Are you looking for a more compact model ? Look towards the Elkhorn !

Divide with all parts labeled

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