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Chrome Messenger Organizer 2.0 Pouch

40,00 € 31,90 €

Chrome Messenger bags are known and recognized among bike couriers as super versatile and sturdy bags. The Citizen and the Mini Metro are, among others, safe values .

The thing that can be a little lacking if you plan to use it on a daily basis is the lack of internal organization. In fact, these bags have a very large main compartment and no dividers in order to help carrying large items.

Chrome listened to the complainers (and/or poseurs lol) and released the Messenger Organizer 2.0 cover.

With this my little friend, you will be able to represent the #messlife while protecting your 1500 bucks iPhone 15 Pro Max, and keeping your diary away from prying eyes.

Thanks Chrome!

  • Holds pens, notebooks and other everyday items
  • Zippered pocket to keep items in place
  • Made from 1050D Nylon with soft knit lining
  • Main pocket size: 34 x 25 cm
Messengerorganizer 3200x1600

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