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Chrome Cycling Cap

25,00 € 19,90 €

The Chrome Cycling Cap is a classic, well-designed little cycling cap that will keep sweat and sun out of your eyes.

It is designed to be worn on the head. You can even put a helmet on it and then you'll feel like Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Premium Rush.

Well, connoisseurs of the 7th art know that Wilee rides without a cap but I didn't have much more to say on this product description. Sorry.

Oh, almost forgot, the Cycling Cap is available in two colors, black with the reflective logo and reflective with a non-reflective logo.

Other Chrome caps are available here.

Also, if you want to be sexy as f***, get yourself a 5-Panel by Massacan ! That's an order.

  • Classic cycling cap designed for night visibility
  • Made from 100% cotton with
  • Regular fit with elastic band at the back
  • One size fits most, even Arnold Shortman
Cyclingcap 3200x1600

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