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Chrome 5 Panel Hat

25,00 € 19,90 €

Baseball caps were cute when, with a Panach' in your hand, you saw yourself getting all the chicks in your high school.

Grow up a little damn it, and get yourself a good " 5-Panel " like the grown-up dude you should be.

As usual with Chrome, the Chrome 5-Panel cap is made from durable and resistant materials.

Available in three versions, two of which are totally reflective, you'll dazzle the streets with your swag once night falls when riding Fissa !

Other Chrome caps are available here.

Also, if you want to be sexy as f***, get yourself a 5-Panel by Massacan ! That's an order.

    • Constructed from 360° reflective laminated polycotton
    • Side panel perforations to keep a cool head in all circumstances
    • Very cozy 100% brushed interior with comfort band
    • Adjustable head circumference with buckle closure
    • One size fits most, even Arnold Shortman
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