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The Campagnolo Ekar GT Group

A perfect mechanical groupset for Paula

26 massacan paula campagnolo

The cool thing about a gravel bike is that you'll put your wheels almost everywhere.

You will travel along rolling paths, long, very vicious climbs and even, from time to time, connections on tar as smooth as Kojak's skull.

Your bike, your Paula , I should say, will therefore regularly have to do the splits!

And yes you saw me coming from afar with my cardboard pun but I didn't really know how to start the subject.

Good. We'll start with a reminder.

The Campagnolo Ekar group you know

When he was introduced, Massacan wasn't even an idea yet.

Basically, the Ekar is the first 13-speed Gravel groupset on the market .

Campagnolo also likes to point out that this is the lightest Gravel groupset in the world .

No electronics here, you find a lively and precise mechanical gear change, a really classy carbon crankset, 3 choices of cassettes, objectively the best braking on the market and, naturally, manufactured in Italy.

Perfect, you will tell me.

Not that easy. Campagnolo is not a “mainstream” brand, it has its share of aficionados and its detractors.

In reality, there are a few points that may be wrong with the original Ekar group.

First of all, there are the developments.

If you want to follow your little friends for several days in a row with a pair of thousands of D+ every day, and if, like me, you are a fan of Fat Sabbath, Oreosmith, Red Hot Belly Peppers and Rage Against the Cardio Machine, even with the combination 38T in front and 10-44T behind it can tingle a little (a lot).

When you consider that you can mount a SRAM groupset in mullet version with a 36 tooth in front and a 10-52 cassette in the back, there is something to think about.

There is the price too. It's still not given the Ekar.

Be careful, you get what you pay for! But OK. This remains a hell of a post.

This is, among other things, the cost of manufacturing in Italy and impeccable finishing quality.

And then the carbon crankset doesn't help.

It therefore seemed obvious that Campa had to look at a group offering more versatility and a slightly more affordable price.

Well that’s exactly what they did with the new Ekar GT group.

Review details:

In conclusion...

The new Ekar GT, for us, is a real success.

It's a very credible alternative to a SRAM Rival AXS for example.

Don't you want to regularly ask yourself if you've thought about charging your derailleur battery?

Do you want to ride “different”?

Are you sensitive to beautiful equipment?

With the Campagnolo Ekar GT group, you will have an extremely pleasant group to use , super reliable , placed at a very competitive price and totally Massacan approved !