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Posted in on 12/05/2023 by Sebastien Corradini

Massacan, a new small southern Gravel brand

Created by three enthusiasts keen to share their experience through bicycles intended for long distance and travel, Massacan will launch its first model in early June.

Massacan means big stone in Mentonnais. An entire program.

In fact, the small brand is still in the making at the time of writing these lines, but the first bikes should arrive at the beginning of June.

Turned towards Gravel and adventure Fixie, the very young firm is the fruit of the reflections and desires of three Gravel enthusiasts: Lucie Denis, Thomas Paganon, and Mathieu Distaso, all three coming from different worlds and who gathered around their common passion.

Lucie Denis with her Massacan Paula

  Massacan Paula Olympic White

 This is how they imagined bicycles designed for long distance and travel that they will market mounted, but also as a frame-fork-headset kit. The frame kit will be offered from 1590€ while the complete bikes will be displayed from 2500€. The latter can also be personalized after discussion with one or other of the three founders. The desire is not to make super-expensive bikes, but to market bikes perfectly adapted to the expectations and real needs of customers, even if it means modifying the assembly for that. The latter is made "in house" in the proper sense, for the moment at least within 2 weeks after the order if all the selected parts are available.

Matthieu Distaso with his bike

Massacan Shell Pink

 The frames made by a good Italian manufacturer on the instructions of Massacan are wanted to be very versatile, but quite typical of the Road, according to Lucie Denis. However, the frames can accommodate tires up to 50 mm in section and they are provided with inserts to put everything you need, three bottle cages, mudguards and luggage rack if necessary. Enough to consider very varied types of use, from sports practice to long-distance travel. For the moment, only one material is on the program for the frame: aluminum from the Italian Dedacciai, with a carbon fork of the same origin.

Paula, the small name of the first Massacan model is borrowed from a track that starts from Sospel in the hinterland of Nice

Neat finish and elegant details are on the menu for Dedacciai aluminum frames

At Massacan, all bikes will have a small name and a mascot. The first model presented was baptized Paula after the name of a track which starts from Sospel and which represents the beginning of the adventure for the three founders. This little name appears in relief on the rear leg while the mascot, a marmot for the Paula, is in good place on the seat tube.

The first bikes will therefore be available from the beginning of June. The colors offered are inspired by Fender guitars. We thus find the Olympic White, the Shell Pink or the Daphne Blue…

Thomas and Lucie gave of themselves to test the first Massacan prototypes

Versatility and accessibility are the key words of Massacan

The Massacan are designed for long distance and travel

Bike packing or saddlebag mode, the Massacans are ready

The first Massacans were put to the test in the mountains

Mathieu and Lucie, two of the friends behind Massacan