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Un vélo robuste en alu avec Dedacciai
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A sturdy aluminum bike with Dedacciai

Why is a frame made of aluminium?

Nowadays, aluminum is not fashionable. Everyone swears by carbon, titanium or steel and aluminum is unfortunately seen as a cheap, outdated and uncomfortable material.

It's too bad.

Let's consider Paula to be a Gravel bike. The hunt for the slightest gram is not really a priority and, in reality, for a Gravel frame, aluminum is not much heavier than carbon.

Well worked, moreover, the hydroformed aluminum offers fairly similar rigidity characteristics.

And in the same way, aluminum has a reputation for being flashy. This is less true with recent alloys and, for a Gravel frame capable of accommodating tires with a section of up to 50 mm, is this really significant?

Next to that, aluminum unlike the materials mentioned above, in the event of breakage, it is very easily repaired in almost any workshop equipped with a welding station. Convenient when traveling far.

And besides, since we're talking about "green" travel, aluminum is 100% recyclable and, our frames being made in Italy, it's nice to think that your bike, vector of your green mobility, doesn't crossed half the globe on the back of a container ship reeking of fuel oil.

And I can tell you that the three of us have tested steel, carbon and more than one geometry. So, once the choice of aluminum was established, we wondered which manufacturer and alloy would be able to tick all the boxes.

And that's how if I ask you that we have Miguel Indurain, Marco Pantani, Mario Cipollini, Alessandro Petacchi and Bjarne Rijs in common?

It starts with the letter D, it comes from Italy and in the 90s it was essential to win cycling races. An idea ?

Yes Dedacciai of course! What else can you possibly think of?

With Dedacciai, we worked on a tubeset dedicated to Paula.

The Dedacciai 7005 Fire Competition Light alloy has established itself as the best choice for a dynamic and enduring Gravel bike.

For the fork, however, no choice, nothing comes close to carbon for this application.

We therefore have an ultra-light 100% carbon fork with a conical pivot designed to withstand the worst abuse and equipped with numerous fixing eyelets.

Carnations, let's talk about them.

In addition to the classic eyelets for seat tube and down tube bottle cages, you will find an additional pair under the latter and another at the seat stays.

You can therefore consider the ideal loadout for your adventures!

But that's in a future article :D