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We love making bikes as much as riding them

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Massacan story,

Massacan story,

Our history,

all about us,

It's us,

Massacan is a big rock who likes to ride a bike a lot. But it is above all the meeting of Lucie and Thomas. Nothing predestined us to meet and launch our bike brand together. Yet here we are today, the happy co-founders of Massacan.

Believe it or not, but before we met we all left our comfortable jobs respectively, to work on the bike and make our passion our life. What made us vibrate, already at the time, was the passion for cycling and bicycles. What makes us happy.

We all have other passions but we're not going to lie to you as soon as we can, we're on a bike. And on the bike it talks a lot about travelling, bikepacking and nights under the stars. 2002 was the year of nights out, of trails to reconnoiter, of refuges between two borders and of snacks/buns by the fire. Memories that gave birth to the bike of our dreams.

At first, it's a simple idea/dream/fantasy that we like to evoke during our commutes or over a drink. A dream that comes up more and more present in our discussions and that becomes clearer. We talk about geometry, choice of materials, the number of eyelets, colors. Then we imagine names, a whole universe inspired by our travels in the Mercantour National Park. A deep culture of the Maritime Alps, Menton and Italy.

It's decided, our bike will bear a name from Menton. We find a lexicon and we write down all the words we like, for the sound but above all for what they mean. I can still see myself writing down all these names in a notebook on board the train of wonders that took us to Breil-Sur-Roya...

It will be *Massacan, big rock in Mentonnais!

The duo is conquered, everyone falls in love.

Our first bike will be a gravel! The one of all possibilities, of all adventures and above all the best companion so far. We want it solid, sporty, ready for anything and above all very very beautiful. Because in addition to being meticulous in mechanics, some are also fashionistas in cycling culture. We tell you more in the next article.

It's summer Massacan is no longer just an idea but a trademark registered by the two friends. Naive, dreamers but sure of their project on two wheels!